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Feb 22, 2013 4:00am PST
weather as the northeast prepares for the next round. tim mulholland of china-america capital joins us now following earnings from aig and hewlett- packard. what kind of cues will that give to traders today? > > you know, i think as far as beating estimates goes, and surprise, this certainly served as a good undertone yesterday when the market closed, so perhaps a little positive. both what the market is looking at right now is perhaps the onset of what some think is a long overdue correction, or a pause in this bull run. > what about the big drop in oil we saw this week? what do you make of that? > > oil has rallied a lot. it has backed off, as all commodities did. the mere mention of the fed removing the punch bowl, or should i say keg- [angie laughs -causes reverberations across the globe. you saw it in asia, you saw it in commodities, you even saw stock start to really take pause and note of that. so really, we know what is really driving behind this market. so, that is number one. secondly, the sequestration process and debt ceiling is upon us again, as well as, let's not forget, ital
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am PST
a dime since last week. regular unleaded in $3.56 per gallon on average. tim mulholland of china america capital joins us on this monday morning for a closer look at the markets. we have to talk about the snow situation. how did it affect the market even on friday? > > on friday we saw such a sharp drop-off in volume. the market in general, volume has been nothing to really write home about, because it has been subdued. and that usually happens in this low-volatility kind of one-way street, non- eventful marketplace. so, when you get a weather concern, it is even less of an incentive for traders to participate in the market. so, a drop off in volume is really a natural occurrence in this environment. > you are just back from china. what did you find there? > > lots of pollution. i was in beijing for two days. i have been in china numerous times, and this was by far the worst i've ever seen it. but, aside from that, you look at the economy, things are moving. it is bouncing right along, and they are rebalancing the economy. you can see the service sector, the financial sector, different t
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am PST
for general motors. european auto sales dragged down overall gm profits in 2012, while china, north america and south america all delivered returns. in the fourth quarter, overall gm profits were up 89% from 2011. looking ahead, the company says it has taken significant action to put itself on a path for growth in 2013. however, ahead of the release of new models of pickup trucks, analysts are concerned gm may be forced to cut production, due to a backup of its current inventory. a "spirited" trade in the beverage industry is sending traders on a wild ride. the justice department was blocking the merger of budweiser and corona. to get the deal done, anheuser bush in bev, which owns bud, is agreeing to sell grupo modelo's brewery in mexico to wine and spirits maker constellation brands. constellation spiked above $43 yesterday on the news as traders who were shorting the stock are forced to buy it into options expiration today. "well, as of mid-day yesterday, we saw 40 million shares of constellation being traded. the average day only has about 5 million shares of volume." scott bauer of tr
Feb 26, 2013 4:00am PST
suppliers in china. the fast food chain is addressing a recent scandal in china that revealed an excessive use of antibiotics to fatten chicken. kfc will stop business with 1,000 small suppliers in an effort to rebuild its brand in the eastern nation. sales fell nearly 25% following the scandal. kfc is the largest fast food chain in china. ikea is taking meatballs off the menu. the swedish retailer is the latest victim in the growing crisis of horse meat showing up in beef products in europe. the company has halted sales of its famous frozen meatballs in 14 european countries because tests confirmed the presence of horse dna. about a dozen different countries have now been affected by the crisis that started a month ago in ireland. tech convention mobile world congress continues today in barcelona. the convention proves that there is no lack of innovation or competition in the market right now. hp has announced its new "slate 7" tablet. the device, which hits the market in april, is priced at a modest $169, below the $200-and-above range for tablets from amazon and apple. meanwhile, master
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
-than-expected earnings by a penny, but revealed sales are slipping in china. reports say boeing is requesting the faa allow test flights for dreamliners, which are grounded for now. and congratulations to the baltimore ravens. they will meet up with fans for a rally this morning. trader dan deming joins us now to get the ball rolling for us on this tuesday. good morning to you dan. > > good morning angie. > yesterday was the worst day for the stock market so far this year. what did you notice in trading? > > right now we saw a little bit of concern out there. the one thing i did notice is the fact that from last friday and yesterday we saw two 1% moves in the market: the s&p up about 1% last friday, down about 1% yesterday. so we are seeing now, at least short-term, realized volatility starting to pick up, and that is why i think you saw a significant pop in the vix, up about 15% around that 1465 area. > nonetheless, i am hearing from traders that this market will continue to do a slow grind higher. do you believe that? > > it appears to be the path of least resistance. you still have a lot of bears
Feb 20, 2013 4:00am PST
a call that could boost business in china. according to a morgan stanley analyst, as early as this summer, apple could launch an iphone mini that sells for $330. if the low-cost iphone entices consumers, it could give apple a 20% larger slice of the smartphone market in china. coming soon, a battle over movie trailers. traditionally, those short clips that entice moviegoers to come back to see the advertised film were tacked onto feature films by the studios. now, the l.a. times says some studios are being asked to pay as much as $100,000 to play just one trailer. still to come, the government wants to lock up criminal masterminds on wall street. will the plan succeed? that's later. but first, if you've considered one of those work-from-home ads, stay tuned. we'll hear about some common traps next, with bill moller. a lot of retirees stay active and earn an income by starting their own business. sometimes companies pitch retirees on a business idea. sometimes there's a lot of pressure in that pitch. so, how do you know what's legitimate and what makes sense? let's talkg with arthur koff
Feb 21, 2013 4:00am PST
into a world with fewer opportunities. foxconn is freezing hiring at its china factories. following china's lunar new year holiday, many foxconn employees have returned to work, something the company did not anticipate. many workers remain at home during the holiday break, and factories typically face a worker shortage. no word on when the freeze will end. it's official: office depot has agreed to buy officemax in an all stock deal worth $1.2 billion. it's something that has been rumoured for years as the number two and three chains struggle with declining revenue at retail stores and intensifying competition from staples. following the merger, office depot and officemax will close stores, save on advertising and streamline supply chain efforts. a redesign at new ceo marissa mayer is putting her stamp on the company with a new look for its home page. it includes content that users may customize and a simpler, streamlined design. yahoo has seen the loss of revenues, and users leaving for competitors, for several years. the main aim of the new design, the first in four years, is
Feb 28, 2013 4:00am PST
in the u.s., quotes were double those from china, where 99% of u.s.-sold bicycles are made. > >after spending a considerable amount of time doing market research on the current coaster, kerr has some advice for other entrepreneurs as they venture into making their products thrive. "i think you gotta keep the dream. you gotta really remember what your vision is and be willing to adjust your vision as you learn more about your market, because it may not be what you thought in the first place." reporting for first business news, i'm ky sisson. for more information on the current coaster, check out: coming up next, movies and money. why one film studio should be afraid at the box office, very afraid. the box office will be filled with fantasies for the next couple of weeks. erik childress, our movie guy, is here to explain that. good to have you back. > > thank you. > first off, "jack the giant slayer." this is a huge fantasy film. what do you expect? > > i expect warner brothers is going to be sweating a little this weekend. > why so? > > one, they are not having a
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am PST
. a chicken scare in china led to disappointing earnings at yum! brands. shares fell yesterday after yum! released disappointing earnings news. kfc, which is owned by yum!, saw a dramatic drop in its china sales following news of a chemical residue found in the chain's chicken supply. yum! revised its full-year outlook, stating that it expects sales to shrink. meanwhile, bp says oil production has fallen, while costs are up. that means profits are down, but the company managed to beat wall street expectations. and, a turn-around for zynga. the online gaming site posted a profit in the 4th quarter, topping wall street's expectations. shares popped 5% in after-hours trading. the ftc corrects its statement about herbalife: the agency now says language about a pending law enforcement investigation into herbalife is incorrect, saying that it should have cited a foreign government agency. herbalife stock had a wild ride on that erroneous news monday, dropping more than 12% before closing with a slight gain for the day. yesterday was a much milder. the stock rallied 21 cents. a billion dollars.
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
cannot find a physical address and the site was formed within the last month, registered in china. and, if you are trying to score a ticket, go through an offical site such as ticketmaster. nfl ticket exchange has tickets for re-sale which go for between 3 and 20 thousand dollars. check out the bbb's website for more information. now on to the fun part of the super bowl: the commercials. this year, corporate america is working every angle to pump up viewership of the ads that run during the game. days ahead of the kick-off, companies are putting out sneak peaks. budweiser is giving a glimpse of its "lucky chair" spot. coke is asking fans to decide the punch line of this ad. and some companies are letting the entire commerical roll to increase the eyeball factor. "they are looking at 1.72 million youtube views on an ad that would be seen at the super bowl that would be watched as opposed to releasing it early you could have over 9 million." marketing professor david koehler believes super bowl commericals are on a fast track this year, as corporations see the value in capturing viewer a
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am PST
industry. an internet dating site in china trades on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol d-a-t-e. and in case you forgot it's valentine's day, you can call ftd to deliver flowers, or buy your sweetie shares of united online, which owns ftd. still to come, die hard date night. the latest installment of films offering romance and more at box office on this valentine's day. that's later. but first, how some travelers are steering clear of the ocean but still exploring the world by boat. more on that next. business is flowing for river cruise operators. joining us this morning via skype is wally jones. he is with travel leaders. good morning to you wally. > > good morning, angie. thanks for having me. > how brisk is your business? > > you know, our river cruising right now is up 35% over last year. > what do you think is leading to the strong numbers? > > you know, i think there is a lot of pent-up demand in people. they want a more unique experience with their vacationing, and river cruising offers that. > let's take a look at the top destinations out there. most of these are
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am PST
company, has installed 1500 robots in nearly 50 countries including china. but not likely to outsource repetitive electronics work at factories such as foxconn - at least, not yet. "in my eyes, it's probably not quite there yet. there are still some breakthroughs in this type of collaborative robot that need to happen to bring it to that type of level." another development, visual capabilities: the r&d that went into smartphone technology is now being applied to robots. "vision technology is continuing to increase. we are getting into color sensing now. we are getting into using vision systems for inspection, where we can see damaged packages." advancing technology in the workplace has also magnified the job shortage in america. according to researchers at mit, they say during the last recession, 1 in 12 people in sales lost their jobs. meanwhile, corporate spending on equipment and software related to sales has increased 26% since the end of the recession. temp and contract employment is expected to hit an all-time high this year. that's according to the american staffing association
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12